When rising performance expectations collide with IT complexity (E)

Charles Kaplan, Deputy CTO von Riverbed

We live in an amazing time;  Consumerization of IT, Digital transformation, A generation born and raised online.  If you love technology, the changes around us are exciting and engaging, but if you work in IT, the growing prevalence and importance of Cloud, Mobile, Containers, Security and other hot topics necessary to deliver in our 24/7 always connected world is a complexity nightmare.   Join me to explore how these two opposites drive each other forward,  and how we as IT professionals can satisfy both masters.



Solving Key Visibility Challenges with Unified Infrastructure Management (E)

Kevin Kinsey, CEO von Netreo

In order to ensure consistent performance and adequate capacity, many IT executives are looking for increased visibility into their resources. How do I view devices, cloud, applications, and traffic patterns in one screen?  How do I make sure the right people know instantly when an incident occurs, yet somehow minimize false alarms? How do I use those data-points and trends to make the right capacity decisions? These can be challenging questions to answer because most Infrastructure Management solutions are expensive, maintenance-intensive, and narrowly focused; but Mr. Kinsey will present an innovative and powerful solution.



Intelligent Breach Detection in Modern Hybrid IT (E)

Paul Jespersen, VP Corporate & Business Development von AellaData

Today’s environments consist of physical, virtualized, containerized, public, private, and hybrid clouds. This creates visibility challenges and an unmanageable amount of alert noise. In this state, it is extremely difficult to identify the critical threats and respond to the right ones before data is stolen or other damage is done.



Innovation in IT Operations with Artificial Intelligence (AIOps) (E)

Dominic Wellington, Global IT Evangelist von Moogsoft

With calls for businesses to adopt digital transformation, the role of IT is becoming ever more central. However, the ever-accelerating rate of change poses new challenges for IT Operations. To avoid becoming a bottleneck on business agility, IT Operations needs to adopt new techniques, leveraging AI and machine learning to become a strategic differentiator for business.



Die Power des End User Experience Monitoring

Oliver Oehlenberg von Riverbed

Das Riverbed End User Experience Monitoring macht  die Erfahrung der Endbenutzer mit der IT sichtbar. In diesem Vortrag zeigen wir Ihnen echte Kunden Situationen, wie das End User Experience Monitoring die Einführung von Office 365 unterstützt, die Fehlersuche verkürzen kann und die Auswirkung von Änderungen in der IT sichtbar macht.



Weltenbummler im virtuellen Raum – ein Erfahrungsbericht

Fritz Steinmann, Senior Network & Solution Architect von Six Group

Die Virtualisierung auf allen Ebenen on- und off premise bringt eine Unmenge an Vorteilen und Flexibilität mit sich. Leider wird damit oft die Komplexität grösser als erwartet. Im Vortrag werden diesbezügliche Erfahrungen im Umfeld eines stark regulierten Unternehmens dargelegt und aufgezeigt, was notwendig ist, damit der Betrieb trotzdem stabil gehalten werden kann.



Data Acquisition and Monitoring inside the Cloud

Alexandre Aeschbach, Chief Solution Architect von Emitec

This speech will cover different question and topics we very frequently hear from our customers: How to access the data of different cloud types? Is it needed to bring out the data of the cloud to get visibility? What about to place a Monitoring Point (Probe) inside the Cloud? Deployment differences for private and public cloud. How does the architecture and implementation look like? PreProcessing the data to be used  for Security, Monitoring and BigData.