Charles Kaplan, Deputy CTO – Riverbed
A network veteran for over 20 years, Mr. Charles Kaplan has spent his career making networks hum. Kaplan serves as Deputy CTO for Riverbed Technology where he provides real world operational experience to Engineering and Product Management and operational assistance to clients. Much of Kaplan’s time is spent researching technologies and trends, speaking at industry trade shows, and meeting with partners and clients to optimize business processes. With years under his belt as both a CISO (Verisign and Breakaway Solutions), as well as an executive for network services vendors (Guardent, Mazu Networks, norSEC and Riverbed), Mr. Kaplan is fluent in both the expectations placed upon practitioners today, as well as how to implement and run an effective operations center. His specialties include operationalization of application performance management and security management tools and processes. He explains complex technology with simple and realistic examples to deliver best practices that everybody can leverage for the betterment of their business.



Kevin Kinsey, CEO – Netreo
A 25-year tech industry veteran, Kevin Kinsey co-founded Netreo in 2000 and cemented the company’s leadership position in the field of network management software. Kevin is responsible for strategic direction, company vision, financial reporting, and sales operations. He served previously as president at Virtual Networks, Inc. and was instrumental in the company’s successful acquisition by IKON Technology Services. Mr. Kinsey has served on the Leadership Council at University of California Irvine Information and Computer Sciences College, where he judged the annual Butterworth software Competition since it’s inception. He is a member of the Cove Fund at the UC Irvine Institute for Innovation. Mr. Kinsey graduated from SDSU in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration / Finance. 




Paul Jespersen, VP Corporate & Business Development – AellaData
Paul Jespersen has the experience of more than 25 years of security and networking sales and business development leadership. Paul worked recently as VP Business Development at Lastline, and VP Business Development and Emerging Product Strategy at Comodo Enterprise. Paul earned his Bachelor’s degree as well as his Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) from the McCombs Graduate School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.



Dominic Wellington, Global IT Evangelist – Moogsoft
Dominic Wellington
 helping companies adopt AIOps to streamline their IT Operations and become more agile and responsive to ever-changing demands. He has been involved in IT operations for a number of years, working in fields as diverse as SecOps, cloud computing, and data center automation.





Oliver Oehlenberg – Riverbed
Oliver Oehlenberg arbeiten seit über 10 Jahren im User Experience Umfeld und ist seit 2015 für Riverbed europaweit als Digital Performance Management bei vielen Kunden unterwegs.





Fritz Steinmann, Senior Network & Solution Architect – Six Group
Seit fast acht Jahren ist Fritz Steinmann bei SIX und inzwischen als Senior Network & Solution Architect für die Architektur und Weiterentwicklung der weltweiten Netzwerk- und Security-Infrastrukturen zuständig. Vor seiner Zeit bei SIX war er bei UBS im In- und Ausland als Network Security Engineer, Head Network Security Operations, SWIFT-Applikations-Betreiber und UNIX Systemadministrator tätig. Er hat einen B.Sc. Abschluss in Technischer Informatik der Fachhochschule Bern und ist CISSP-zertifiziert.




Alexandre Aeschbach, Chief Solution Architect – emitec ag
Alexandre Aeschbach arbeitet seit Anfang 2015 bei der Firma emitec ag als Chief Solution Architect.